Other jewelry courses

Chain maille

The chain maille course consists of one weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Several projects of chains from silver jump rings are prepared. Four to six students are accepted per course. The price of the course is 40 euro, plus cost of materials 40-60 euros.

Silver bezel setting

Students are taught to make sterling silver bezel settings for the cabochons and gems cut by themselves. The course consists of one weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
Price of the course is 75 euro, plus cost of used materials.

Silver ring workshop

Students refresh their skills of metal forming and set a stone in the ring they make. Previously attended bezel setting course ia a requirement. The The workshop consists of two days (Saturday-Sunday).
The teacher will provide the necessary material for sale.
Three to four students will be accepted per workshop.

Price for the workshop 40 euro, plus cost of material 5-20 euro.

Stamping silver

The Finnish Gem Hobbyists’ Society has the right to stamp silver.
Students may stamp the work they make at the courses, price 1 euro per stamp.
The stamp will include an abbreviation of the Society’s name and the student’s membership number.

Silver clay course

The course consists of two half days, which may be week days or weekend.
Material required is approximately 10 grams of silver clay, which the students purchase individually following instructions from the teacher. Only exceptionally will the teacher provide the material, according to agreement with the student.

Price 50 euro plus material costs (individual purchase).


The enameling workshop consists of three days, either during week or weekend days. Two students are accepted per course. The mastering of bezel setting is recommended as there is not sufficient time to learn metal working nor soldering. The course costs 100 euros.

Stone or ceramic mosaic

Students can make good use of leftovers of nice stones to create decorations and gifts.
The workshop consists of one weekend (Saturday-Sunday).
Five students ca be accepted per course.

Price 30 euro per person including material


  • natural stones, sawed or crushed to pieces (slab saw and stone hammer)
  • pieces are sawed to equal thickness (tile saw)
  • tiles are broken (appropriate hammer)
  • pieces are polished (on a flat lap and silicon carbide powder)
  • glue to fibreboard (suitable glue)
  • seaming and cleaning (jointing plaster).

Students use their own stones and tiles, which are first broken to pieces at the beginning of the course. Cheap tiles are available at hardware stores, broken pieces and individual samples.

The teacher provides other needed material, which are included in the price of the course.

Painting with crushed stones

Painting with crushed minerals (lithopich) is a layered technique, which uses crushed minerals of various grain sizes. The painting technique has been used since the 1970’s. It takes advantage of the many shades of colour that stones offer.

The 2-day course is best suited for the amateur members interested in painting and in mineral pigments. The instructions include how to prepare crushed minerals of various grain size, and the painting technique. Each student prepares one freestyle work. The instructor is Jukka Voijola. The necessary materials are available from the teacher.

Price per student 50 euros.

Refreshing skills

Members who wish to refresh their skills may sign up to repeat a course. They will be invited to fill vacancies and cancellations to courses.

The price for repetition of a course earlier taken is one third of the normal price of the course.