Courses offered at the workshop for members: cabbing, carving, facet cutting, making a silver bezel, enameling on metal, and mosaic courses.

Cabbing course

The cabochon cutting course is the first basic stone cutting course. The instructions include the basics of stone cutting, and the use of the workshop equipment and machinery.  After the course, students will have the skills and the permissions to work their own stones independently.
Cabbing courses are organised approximately once a month, during one weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Four students are accepted per course.

Price: 90 euro.

Green chrome rich zoisite from Tanzania.
Photo Jari Väätäinen, Geological Survey of finland.

Ptarmigan, by Orvokki Alatano.
Photo virpi Perä.

Dark red striped jasper from Kännätsalo, Luumäki.
Photo Jari Väätäinen, Geological Survey of Finland.

Cabbing follow-up

Course requires having taken the basic cabochon cutting course. Students learn several methods to cut free-form objects using a press drill, ancillary tools as supports and guides for sawing and cutting, as well as glues for mosaics. According to individual preferences, students prepare with their own stones, for example, an egg, a ball, a candleholder, a flat surfaced object.

The course consists of two days (Saturday-Sunday).
3-4 students are accepted per course.
Price: 50 euro.


The stone carving course consists of two weekends (2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays). The drafts are prepared in advance, either under supervision during evenings at the workshop, or according to written instructions and drawings. Two students are accepted to each course. The
cabochon course and the mastering of cabochon polishing are required to participate in the carving course. The course costs 175 euro.

Leaves of serpentine and jasper.
Carved by Juhani Hakala.
Photo Virpi Perä.

Spectrolite scarabs.
Carved by Juhani Hakala.
Photo Virpi Perä.


The facet cutting course consists of three weekends (3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays). The cabochon course and some experience with basic cutting is a requirement. During the course students prepare a brilliant, an oval and a flat cut stone.
Two students are accepted per course.
Price 260 euro.

Brilliant cut colourless quartz and
Square dance cut ametrine.
Facet cutting by Olavi Perkiö.
Photo Olli winnberg.