Excursions are an important activity in the Society. Each year, we organise a couple of excursions to sites where the members may pick stones for their mineral collections or for polishing; sometimes even gem quality stones are found.

The excursion site and the minerals the site offers, are presented in advance, either in an article in the KIVI magazine or during a monthly meeting.

We also organise joint transportation for members to visit mineral fairs and exhibitions in Finland.

Members organise trips abroad to collect minerals, and to visit mineral museums and companies dealing in rocks and minerals. The most distant trips during the past years lead to Australian opal sites, Siberian and Mogolian mineral quarries and museums, and to North and South American gold prospecting and mineral sites.

Many members of our Society are also gold prospectors – both professional and amateur – who participate regularly in gold panning championships around the world.

Kuva Kotkan topaasilouhokselta 1999. Kuva: Maija-Leena Elemo

Excursion in 1999 to a topaz quary in Kotka. Photo: Maija-Leena Elemo.